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The Zachlawi Distillery arose from the dream and passion to create the “Finest Arak in the World”. Our Master Distiller was mentored by a fine old man from the Middle East and entrusted with an age old family recipe for creating Arak. Together they toiled tirelessly to create a superior Arak using only the finest, freshest and natural ingredients. Ultimately, perfection was achieved and Zachlawi was born. . Zachlawi Distillery’s creativity gave rise to the development of a completely unique Arak.

That creation is well known today as Zachlawi Fig, a premium Arak distilled from Figs blended with rare spices. A passion for crafting artisanal spirits, eventually lead Zachlawi to craft a small batch Authentic Russian Style Vodka, A Sweet Potato Vodka and most recently Vodka Cappuccinos infused with Mocha and Hazelnut.

All products that bear the Zachlawi name are hand crafted in small batches to ensure consistency and superior quality. The Zachlawi Distillery took root and has been in full operation on the Jersey Shore since 2004. It continues to experiment, push the envelope and boldly go where others dare not. New Zachlawi products in development include 2 amazing Whiskey creations, 2 unique Araks and 3 delicious Flavored Vodkas. All are sure to delight the most discerning of palates.

Products from Zachlawi

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