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Country: Israel
Wine maker(s): Paul Dubb


Tzuba Estate Winery is located in the Judean Hills, an area historically recognized as a major wine-producing region since Biblical times. The local topography of the Tzuba hillside vineyard, the 700 meter altitude and climate provide ideal conditions for our dedicated kibbutz staff to cultivate the vineyards and produce a variety of prize-winning boutique wines. Tzuba grapes are sold to quality wineries – Castel, Har-Odem, Asif, Binyamina, Kfir, Shiloh and other small boutique wineries.

The winery was founded by Moti Tzamir who was its first manager and winemaker. Paul Dubb replaced Moti in 2007. Dubb’s passion for wine started as a youngster making wine with his father in South Africa. In 1996 he was in charge of establishing the Tzuba vineyards. In 2000, Dubb joined the winery as wine-maker. Paul combines his deep knowledge of grape-growing, and his experience as a wine maker to produce some of Israel’s finest wines.

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