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Country: Israel
Wine maker(s): David Bar Ilan


In 2003, the Yitzhaki family fulfilled a dream and established a boutique winery that combines top quality wine production, alongside contribution to the community. The family established the winery on a hillside, on the edge of the Carmel Mountain, in Kfar Tikva, overlooking the Jezreel Valley. Kfar Tikva – “Village of Hope”, is a community settlement for people with special needs, which strives to allow the disabled community to develop and realize their potential. The combination of the village’s vision and the family’s desire to make wine, resulted in a wine industry model that employs members of the village and provides them with a business platform that integrates them in the labor force.

The family’s vision focuses on high standard wine, love, professional knowledge and a true connection to the industry, in a family oriented atmosphere, which gives the wines a unique, personal aroma. Today, Tulip Winery is considered to be a rising star in the Israeli wine industry, due to the high standard wine production, with no compromises, starting from the selection of top quality vineyards; using the most advanced technology, and always providing full value for money.

Tulip Winery produces about 100,000 bottles of wine per year, sold all over Israel, and in several countries around the world.

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