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Rum Jumbie

Country: St. Maarten


Rum Jumbie Liqueur is an exotic blend of aged Caribbean rum with hints of tropical orange, lemon, and passion fruit; accented by delicate spices. Rum Jumbie originates from an old Caribbean recipe that spent many years hidden in the remote caves of a sugar plantation. The recipe was safe there, for the residents feared entering the dark alcoves in belief that celestial spirits or, “Jumbies,” were trapped inside. Feared by local islanders, these spirits had long been guarding their beloved rum recipe.

Tempting fate, the makers of Rum Jumbie created their famous spirit from the rediscovered recipe. Produced in a St. Maarten distillery, the rum is infused with locally sourced ingredients, premium sugar cane and natural fruit flavors. Every sip evokes breezy island getaways. Many Rum Jumbie connoisseurs will admit, after a drink or two, one can start to feel the conga beat.

Prepare to dance all night with a glass of Rum Jumbie.

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