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Country: Israel
Wine maker(s): Sam Soroka
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Psagot is located in the Benjamin mountains. While planting vineyards and orchards an opening was discovered which led the family to an amazing cave from the period of the Second Temple. The cave equates the location with the Biblical city of Ai. A second cave was discovered in which an olive press and wine press from the Second Holy Temple era were uncovered. In the 1980s, the Berg family settled in Psagot. The father, Meir, planted vines for grape consumption and expanded the agricultural area to plant cherry and nectarine orchards.

In 1998, he planted the first grape vineyard for wine production, 18 dunam of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The winery concept took root deeply within the son, Yaakov, and his wife Naama.

In 2002, the winery was established. Today it tands on 40 dunam of wine vineyards owned by the Psagot Winery.

The cave’s cooling system rarely needs to be activated, as the naturally cool conditions preserve the constant temperature. The entire harvest is performed by hand in the early morning hours. The short distance between the vineyards and the winery enables the grapes to arrive at the winery within an hour from the time they are harvested.

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