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Or Haganuz

Country: Israel
Wine maker(s): Aharon Ziv


High quality wine is always the result of excellent ingredients and care. Or Haganuz wines are based on grapes grown in prominent vineyards in the Or Haganuz – Mount Meron region. The vineyards enjoy the unique northern Galilee climate, at heights ranging from 780 to 870 meters above sea level, which is optimal for high quality grapes. These vineyards grow in plots rich with history that can be traced back over hundreds of years. Or Haganuz Winery was founded in 2005 at the foot of Mount Meron and strives to produce high quality wines with a true “boutique” feeling. Grapes are strictly selected from among the mature vineyards separately distinguished for each wine series.

The harmony between the soil and the different wines transforms the entire production into a much more personal process. The unique recipe that combines high quality vineyards and the special terroir of the Mount Meron region, gives Or Haganuz wines the rich aromas, flavors and distinctive identity, that truly characterize their native landscape.

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