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Country: Israel
Wine maker(s): Peter Stern


In every wine producing country there is some father figure to whom the quality revolution in that country is credited. In America though the most visible winery in the wine awakening was Mondavi, the guru who actually changed the way people thought about making quality wine was a Russian émigré, Andre Tchelistcheff. In France the person that updated & simplified the complicated world of winemaking was Emile Peynaud, who recently died. In Australia it was Max Schubert.

In Israel, without doubt there has been a revolution in both viticulture and vinification techniques ensuring the quality wine available from so many wineries today.

The man responsible for this more than anyone else was Peter Stern.

About the Winemaker

Gamla is proud to have Peter Stern as their head winemaker developing world class premium, quality aged varietal wines which are fruit forward and expressive.

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