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The Flegmann family was in the wine-making business for generations in a small town called Mad (pronounced Maad) in the Tokay region of Hungary. Our father, Tibor Flegmann, a’h, was born into wine-making and frequently spoke about how he used to spend his free time in the wine cellars and crush the family’s grapes with his feet. The family’s wine was considered the highest quality; it was enjoyed by the most renowned Chassidic masters, as well as the Rothschild family and even Kaiser Franz Joseph.

After the devastation of the Holocaust when so much was lost, from our father’s will to rebuild was born a dream to revive the Flegmann wine label. Late in his life, this became a reality, as he looked to the Judean Hills to be the new home for Flegmann wine.

Unfortunately, Tibor Flegmann passed away shortly before the first bottles of Flegmann wine made it to American shores, but he had tasted the wine and seen the labels and knew that the project was coming to fruition. Today, we, his children and grandchildren, are following in his footsteps and are committed to continuing to produce exceptional wine with our family name.

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