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Carmel Wines

Country: Israel
Wine maker(s): Yiftach Peretz
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With 140 years of production and winemaking experience, the Carmel Winery continues to preserve the heritage of winemaking in Israel, integrating their traditions with the promotion of the highest levels of development and innovation. The winery’s main goal is to lead and develop the wine culture in Israel, to create ongoing expertise, and maintain leadership in the world of wine. The use of state-of-the-art and advanced technologies, combined with a longstanding winemaking tradition, is enhanced by its close contact with the many families of vineyard growers. This all leads to the creation of quality, innovative and creative wines – from the moment of the grapes’ harvesting, to the opening of the wine bottle in the consumer’s home.

Carmel Winery caters to many age groups, ranging from wines at affordable prices for every pocket and taste to its outstanding premium wines.

About the Winemaker

Yiftah Perets – Chief Winemaker & Head of Wine Department

Yiftah graduated Oenology and Viticulture at the prestigious Viticultura de Enologia in Italy.

His professional career began as a winemaker in the Monta Rosa Winery and also in Podere di San Pietro. After returning to Israel in 2006, Yiftah joined the winemaking team at the Carmel Winery,.

In 2018, Yiftah was appointed chief Winemaker.

Yiftah brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and management abilities from the world of wine and viticulture, whilst also possessing an in-depth familiarity with Carmel, its products and its personnel.

Under Yiftah’s supervision, Carmel’s wine department has five winemakers, who have all gained rich experience in the wine industry, both in Israel and overseas.

Products from Carmel Wines

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