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Country: Italy


The Vincenzi’s Bicerin Original is the famous gianduja-flavoured liquor from Piedmont. Thanks to the passion and the pursuit of quality which the Vincenzi family has always dedicated and is still dedicating to the production of this fine creamy liquor, the Bicerin boasts some significative differences in comparison to other creamy liquors on the market.

Our original and innovative recipe allows the product to be gluten-free and dairy-free. It’s thanks to the absence of lactose and the use of a secret natural plant-based ingredient that the Bicerin, unlike the competition, does not expire even after the opening.

These technical innovations allow us to pass on the recipe of the “Bicerin Original of Giandujotto” to future generations, making it a true historical product of the Italian tradition capable of keeping up with the times and reaching a refined elegant public.

Thus, the true history of the food & wine of Piedmont and of Italy is handed down to future generations, paying particular attention to the increasingly important dietary requirements of consumers with intolerances or allergies, vegetarians and vegans.

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