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Country: Ukraine


We at Chateau Chizay make it exclusively from our Transcarpathian grapes. 272 hectares of grapes on the perfect terroir of Transcarpathia. We have craftsmen who respect local traditions and were educated on modern winemaking in Europe. Inspiration from history, energy for the future – both are added to our bouquet of wines.

Wine Complex Chateau Chizay was founded in 1995 in the natural area of Chizay, near the town of Berehove in Transcarpathia. We built modern production from scratch, but with a focus on local history of winemaking. Our principles are diligence and honesty, respect for nature and love for what we do.

To do fine qualitative wines is interesting, but we want more. We are not happy to be just the best. We have to be unique.

We create a new history of winemaking in Transcarpathia and Europe, and today Chateau Chizay is not a winery, but a winemaking town, a noble craft centre and a man-made wonder of Transcarpathia.

Yes, we do wine. But more than wine. We create emotions and a new fame of the Transcarpathian Wine.

This is the philosophy of Chateau Chizay. We know what we do and love it!

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